I am going to try and be a happier, worry/stress free person this year, I have a lot of things going on and things to do and not a lot of time to spend wasting! So here are my 5 2016 Goals

1- Become Veggie

Becoming Vegetarian is going to be a huge leap for me, considering I have grown up loving meat, but over the last few months I have decided to stop eating meat as I have grown and I can source protein from elsewhere, this may be a temporary thing but I hope it will last for the foreseeable future.

2- Work Harder,  Aim Higher , Achieve More

This is going to be a tough one but I am slacking with my work, so I need to work harder and aim higher in order to achieve more. I want to achieve more because I want to get somewhere in life and not be a lazy human with no aspirations.

3-Help More

I need to help around the house more, help around the world more and just be more of a helping hand. I don’t know what else to say, this one explains itself!

4- Spend Less Time Worrying, and Less Time on The Phone

I worry A LOT about what people think of me and I need to stop this old habit and also spend less time on the internet, maybe blogging and my website should be the only times I use the internet. It clouds up your mind and isn’t healthy and that is why I have put this as a goal.

5- Workout, Eat healthy

Last but not least, I need to go to the gym more, I have a gym membership and I need to make use of it. Theres no point of going to the gym if I am going to eat crap. So I need tp cut down on chocolate, chips and fatty foods.


“I hope I can stick to these goals, they will make my life easier, happier and better. What are your goals?”

Adventure Loaded x


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