A quick few faves!

I hardly ever wear makeup, but I am definitely a brush and makeup collector and enthusiast! Just looking at them now and again is fun, I would wear makeup more often if I could wear or apply it well…


I am loving nude eyeshadow,  light pink blush and an amazing gold toned highlighter from lush!

1. In the Nude;W7
This palette has a various selection of rose toned shimmer shadows and 2 mattes. I think it is a dupe for Naked 3 but much more affordable which is a great plus!


I mainly use 3 shades but the other ones are gorgeous too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone

2.Blush; Beauty UK
I received this beautiful not in your face blusher from my friend at Christmas,  it’s a perfect size for your handbag and it’s not so pink that you look ill! It’s so nice to add to a blank face to add a little colour!


3. Feeling Younger;Lush
It is a little bit of a splurge but we’ll worth it, it makes your face look so bright and shimmery it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen! I would definetley go back for one, but I can tell it will last a long time because I’ve had it for 3 months and only used the bit in the lid!



Thank you for reading, I will see you all soon

Have  a nice day

Adventure Loaded

Isla xxx


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