James Bay~Hammersmith Apollo

On the 31st March 2016, I was lucky enough to be in the front row at the James Bay concert. My two sisters, mum and I woke up at about 8.30 to catch the 9.57 train and off we went to London Waterloo, first stop Bank for Sky Gardens.

We went to Sky Gardens first thing in the morning and we got some nice landscapes then headed off to lunch before queuing for 5 hours! I have to say that Sky Gardens was very high security however the cafe and restaurant offered blankets and hot water bottles which was the cutest dantiest touch ever! The view was amazing and the plants with the automatic water steamer made a great atmosphere!


After Lunch, my mum and I met my sisters at the queue just a 2 minute walk from the tube station Hammersmith, then we sat down and hoped that it wouldn’t rain, which we were very lucky to find out that it didn’t!

We queued for a total of about 5 and a bit hours, then the doors opened at 7pm.



The show started at around 8pm with the intro of a support act and her name was Rukshana Merrise who was so casual it was great, she didn’t seem nervous and performed amazingly well!  Her first single is out for free and here’s  the youtube video.

After a short wait, the man himself, made the most amazing entrance it was breathtaking.

I have to say, the lighting was put together so well and it just polished the whole show off very well! My personal favourite was Running, the Sports Relief song and I also loved his performance of Clocks Go Forward Again.

James Bay is so down to earth, I think that he is a great artist and if you haven’t heard of him I would definitely go listen to some of his music, it’s so good! He has some upbeat and some calmer music, great mixture and great lyrics!

One thing that was a downer on the show was the amount of photographers looming right in front of me blocking me from seeing his beautiful face!!

The amount of love and effort that is put into his music is fantastic, he has been trying so hard with his music and he never gave up and now he’s finally got where he wanted to be!

I would 100% go again if I could, I have to say it is probably the best over 3,000 people concert I’ve been to and it was a memory to me and my sisters and even my mum enjoyed it!! I will have more pictures on social media and I am throwing his music into my March faves, for sure!!


One big adventure loaded!

Isla xx


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