Best Bits Of March

I have had a very bumpy month of March, including the mocks and James Bay, you make the guess of which was the good and the bad πŸ˜‰

So I thought I’d round up the month with a few of the best bits, tv programmes, music, food, beauty products, clothes. A bit of everything!

Kicking off with my most loved tv programme at the moment is

  1. Β Bear Grylls Mission Survive

The suspense between the breaks gets on my nerves but the programme is so good, shows that celebrities can survive without all the luxuries and it’s just really interesting to see how everyone does and by the end of watching all the episodes, you feel so connected to them. I love the way that it’s made, some amazing places that they’ve visited.


Β  Β 2.Β Oh Wonder, Lose It

New find, I like the style of the Oh Wonder Duo their music is fresh and has a unique spark to it I really enjoy blogging to it and I can’t wait to hear a bit more of their music!


Β  3.Nivea Day Cream

I like the feeling of this in the morning, it isn’t heavy and its not full of water, I think the scent is light which is also another fantastic thing and overall I think the product is yet another fab thing from Nivea!


4. OfficeΒ Boots

I have been wearing these pleather boots all month, so comfy and so easy to match with anything. Not too heavy when you’re wearing them and they were only Β£30 ish pounds which was a bargain! I love that they don’t make a huge noise when I’m walking around!


5. James Bay

I’m not going to go into too much detail about James Bay, but he is by far one of my favourite singers and I was lucky enough to see him and you can read all about that over onΒ James Bay~Hammersmith Apollo


6. Lara Jarvis~Β Channel

I thought I’d mix it up a bit with a Vlogger as a favourite, I have followed Lara’s youtube for a while now and I love the style and way she films! I love her backgrounds and I would definitely recommend watching her vlogs they’re great to watch and chill out to!


I think that’ll be it for today, a few favourites of the month ad I am going to be putting a post up very soon with my skin care bits and bobs and a massive gift set review!

Hope to see you soon.cropped-aaaaaaaaaa.jpg

Adventure Loaded

Isla xx


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