Lush Spa

Where do I start, it was divine I want to go through every step of the treatment but it just won’t serve it’s actual amazingness!

I had the Validation Facial with my Mama and my sister Amelia.

lush spa.png

I have never been to any Lush Spa, I’m so glad I went, I wasn’t feeling good at all the night before and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go, looking back now, I’m so glad I did! It was the best (only) facial I’ve ever had. The bar has been set so high!

When we arrived, we were a bit early and they were still making the masks, fresh and then we were given Cucumber and Mint water which I didn’t drink, cucumbers… EW! Probably really good for you but I cannot stand them!! On my eyes, that’s fine, in my mouth… NO!

We filled in a short form and then the fun began! Here are a few pics of the ‘shop’ floor.

We then got led into the rooms to ‘shop’ for our products, I started with the face care and this was really well laid out and Memories, my consultant explained the products so well it was great!

I can’t memorise all of the products I used but I am sure that I had the Ultrabland cleanser as this is the one they use on everyone, then I had the Tea Tree Toner tab, followed by the Cupcake Face Mask which smelled delish and also dream time temple balm and gorgeous the amazing moisturiser.

This was the most relaxing hour it was so good.

The music set the mood, calm and relaxing, I thought I wouldn’t be able to relax but it was the total opposite.

Lush create an amazing treatment by using words, transforming you from what you were to your words. During the consultation you’re asked to choose a few words and they will aim to get you feeling that at the end! Here is some inspiration:


She started off by cleansing then she did some massaging, around the eyes and then down to the neck and I have to say, the movements she used were so relaxing my face felt uplifted! My personal favourite bit was when the freezing cold stones were used to massage the face and the way that they scent the room with mist and create such an amazing atmosphere is divine.  I also opted for the dark angels cleanser which was a little like a scrub which was fab and  I was surprised she managed to get it all off!

A hot stone was used on the stomach whilst the mask was on the face and arms being massaged, the orange spritz to wake you up then an amazing cup of the juice that they brew as you are being treated.

You don’t go empty handed, you get a few of the products that they used on you!

I am definitely going to go again soon, I hope! Writing about it doesn’t do it justice, you have to go and see yourself, have an adventure, treat yourself! If you don’t have the money as it is a bit of a splurge, you can find the music online and chillax by yourself!

For more information watch this video clip!

This was an amazing adventure


Isla xx




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