Sanctuary Spa Gift Set

For mothers day, I got my mum a Sanctuary Spa Gift box, we are working through things testing them and now it’s time to review!

The set cost £22 but this was in the sale I believe, the set consists of -Charcoal Warming Face Mask -Foaming Creamy Bath Soak -White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion -White Lily & Damask Rose Body Wash -White Lily & Damask Rose Body Scrub -Velvety Hand Lotion -Moisture Burst Facial Wash -Door Hanger Sign

I will do more in depth posts of a few of the products and if you want to see what my Mum’s opinion on some of the products are you can go to her new blog over at:

My initial thoughts when I brought this set were that the set is very luxurious and like spa products for a very affordable price. I liked how the White Lily and Damask Rose was the theme but I didn’t understand why there were some peculiar looking odd products like the bath soak and the hand cream. I have definetley got to say that the pink coloured products smell so much nicer than the white and orange coloured products. It would’ve been good to see hand cream, and body soak in the same White Lily and Damask Rose scent.

Just a quick rating and initial thoughts of each product.

Ratings are out of 5 & based on 1st use, more long term use ratings will be posted in the posts dedicated to the individual product.

1. Body Lotion:

I gave my mum a quick massage with this and the texture was smooth and silky and the scent was light and not in your face so was good before bed.

Smell:3 Use:*3.5 Overall:4

*Does it do its job*

2. Face Wash

I have used this tonight, just as I was prepping for bed and I was quite disappointed by how many bubble things came out in the portion I used. I did expect many more than 2 in a good squirt. It was however a lovely gel feeling on the skin which was easy to massage in.

Smell: 2.5 Use:3.5 Overall:3.5

3. Mask

I enjoyed using this mask as it did really feel warm on my face and felt like silk. It was quite messy, due to the darkness of the product. I didn’t like the smell as it smelt like mud and not like the other products which had a good scent.

Smell:1 Use:4 Overall: 3

4. Hand Cream

I didn’t enjoy the scent of this product as much as the White Lily and Damask Rose ones, it was much heavier scented and not very flowery which I like. I did however like the way it left your hands, not sticky but silky smooth.

Scent:2 Use:4 Overall:3

5.Body Soak

This wasn’t special. Not much to say, didn’t moisturise as well as I’d hope but did make bubble.

Scent3: Use:3 Overall:3

6.Body Wash

Very very similar to the body scrub without sandy stuff in it really! I liked the smell and it left you feeling refreshed which was fab!


7.Body Scrub

I loved this, this was a perfect consistency of light sandy particles mixed with a light gel texture base. The result was good, left my skin feeling smooth and not dry. Very luxurious.

Scent:3 Use:3 Overall:3

Overall, I would rate the whole box 3 stars out of 5 due to the random 3 products that don’t fit the theme and the way that they smell. I would go back to buy this box again if it was in the sales again, however at the full price of £45 I wouldn’t go and get it. A few of the products I would, but not the whole box. This is how I rate the products 1-7 in order of if I would go back and get it and how much I liked it.

1.Facial Wash 2.Body Scrub 3.Body Lotion 4.Body Wash 5. Face Mask 6.Hand Cream 7. Bath soak


Adventure Loaded!


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