Believe & Achieve

Sometimes I sit on my own and question my life, in 2 weeks, 4, 6 months, 1 year, 10 years and so on and so forth but questioning is difficult when the future isn’t here yet so I go by the quote ” Believe and You Will Achieve”

There’s no need to question, just believe! I’m going to go through my top tips of getting to your dreams, it has worked for me I hope it works for you too!

  1. Say Yes to more things

    Saying yes to opportunities, if your dream is to be a ballroom dancer and someone asks you to dance, don’t say no! SAY YES! The first step to achieving is by starting somewhere and any opportunities are experience and experience will lead to your dreams coming true.

  2. Don’t be shy

    When you want to get out there to ensure that your dreams are achieved, don’t back out and don’t be shy but at the same time, don’t be over confident. Whilst writing this post, I am planning my first wedding shoot and my dream is to be a wedding photographer!!

  3. Dream in proportion but don’t put big dreams off

    When you dream, don’t dream too big because it will be harder to achieve and then you’ll get unmotivated and sad that it’s putting you down, dream in sections, steps if you like.

  4. Ignore the haters

    I often tell people the dreams I hope to achieve and there are the people who stand by you in what you dream but often, there are the odd ones who put you down and tell you it’s impossible or they mock it. IGNORE THEM. They will most probably be jealous, or they are bored, don’t react and they won’t carry on!

  5. Wait

    Don’t give up on your dreams if they don’t come instantly, persist and persist, believe and believe and the
    n you will, eventually achieve!

Take a look at this 'Believe and You Will Achieve' Dandelion Print by Posie & Co. on #zulily today!:

I hope this comes in handy, I would love to hear about your goals! I will probably do a ‘Goals & Bucket List’ post sometime soon!!

Adventure loaded!





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