5 things to get you through summer

Welcome back guys,  it feels like I haven’t blogged in a while and I miss it even if it was 1 week! I thought I’d come back and join the amazing weather with a summer inspired post,  hopefully I won’t jinx it.

I am going to go through my top 5 things that you’ll need to get you through summer with a smile on your face!

1. Mad About You Body Spritz

I got given this as a gift.  I absolutely love it and wear it all the time,  it has a very summery vibe to it and makes you feel awake as soon as you spray it.  Would definitely get another one if there was a bath & body works in England!


2. Water

Bit self explanatory,  but water.  To survive summer,  you need gallons of it.  Water makes you hydrated and happy,  it should be your primary drink over any other.  It sure is mine.

3. A trusty cute back pack for all the adventures!

I have been using this accesorize back pack loads recently and I love it.  The quality is high and the design is chic.  Light and easy to access!


4. Train journeys

If you’re planning of staying in all summer… don’t.  Trust me,  going out is the best thing.  On a train with the trees whizzing past and fresh air through your lungs.  It’s amazing.  Be sporadic,  spontaneous don’t plan it.  Just go.  Be safe obviously but do it.  Go for an adventure.

5. Smile

This one doesn’t cost anything at all but it can make all the difference.  Smiling releases good hormones and this will make your summer survivable. 

What are your top 5 things!

Adventure Loaded

Isla xx

I have


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