Sabai Soap Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a trio of Sabai Soap’s handmade glories! I didn’t break into them straight away as I had some soap on the go already, but I finally have and here’s my rundown!!

These soaps are 100% organic made in a family business in Thailand which is so cute, I love the fact that it is a family business, it is amazing how they ship worldwide and have amazing finish and you can really tell how much effort has been put into the soap.

Organic Soap Lemongrass - Sabai SoapsSo I think the overall packaging of the soaps is very cute, very vintage and it is recycled I believe, which just adds to the list of things that makes it amazing! One of the things that makes it really amazing is the fact that it is Vegan, this means that there is no animal product in it, I think this is an incredible trait.The scent of the three soaps is lovely and strong, it’s not one of those soaps which you buy and there is not any scent at all, it lasts throughout the whole use. It leaves your skin really nourished and feeling refreshed, I like the scents as they are unusual to the ones you buy in the local drug store!

I also think that the soap itself doesn’t dry out your skin like some bar soaps do, however it does have little bubbles on the edges if you leave water on the bar itself. The colour of the soap shows the ingredients in it which I think is really natural and when there are soaps which are artificially coloured, it puts me off a little. Natural and vegan friendly, what more could you want!!

Overall, I think the product is a great value for what it is priced at, they send it in a really nice box which you could keep and use which is another thing to add to the list of really cool things in this brand. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 and I would definetly gift it to someone or purchase it in the future!!


Have you tried these soaps?

Adventure Loaded xx


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