Passenger Busk

Last Sunday, my mum, sisters & I drove down to Brighton for the day to see the man himself, Passenger. He has been doing a Busk tour and we decided to go to the special one, in his home town.

The day was so lovely, full of sunshine and the city was buzzing, there was a cycle going on and everyone was smiling. We joined the crowd at 11 and the busk began at 12.30 and lasted about 45 minutes, we were lucky enough to be in front row and the atmosphere was so beautiful. Here are some pictures I managed to snap

Passenger never gives up, you can tell he loves music, I went to his Church gig and that was as good as this they are all at the best standard and his voice is amazing. He sang a few of his new songs on his album, out in September and he sang a few of his originals and the crowd singing was the best sound ever. Whilst we were in the queue, my sister got pooed on by a seagull which made my day, all part of the Brighton package I’d say.

I can’t wait for his new album, it is going to be amazing, you should definitely have a look and a listen!

Thanks for tuning in xx

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