Collective Haul!

Over the past few weeks I have been accumulating a few beauty and non beauty bits and bobs, I thought I’d share them all with you today! I have also filmed a video, hoping it shall be uploaded today, if not, keep your eyes peeled for my twitter as there will be updates on there!!

So, let’s crack on shall we!!

First and foremost, my favourite item of the whole shebang is these Momentum headphones from Sennheiser, they are amazing and work wonders for all music, they are a splurge but I was lucky enough to win these in an online competition!

I have never really listened to music as much as I have in the last month or so, they are the most soundproof comfortable headphones which I would buy any day if I had the money!

Click Here to Have a Peek

I also managed to pick up a few bits from Benefit, one of the most well known beauty brands to date, I have been looking for something to do my brows for a while and when my friend came from Scotland we had a shopping spree and I was for sure making it my challenge to find something for my unruly brows and so I did. One of the best finds in the year so far I’d say.So, I brought the Ka Brow for £18.50 and I picked up the Goof Proof Pencil in the Elle Magazine which was a good find and I would definitely recommend the two products, the pencil more for on the go. Both my products are in shade 6.

I also picked up the MUA Chocolate Box Trio and the Undress Me Too 12 shade nude palettes, I like these as they are in the nude spectrum and are great for a summery eye which isn’t dark and includes a bit of shimmer. They are great to blend but don’t last too long so I’d use it with a primer or with a face cream on.

I also picked up the W7 In the Nudes palette and I think that the pinky shades in it are great for a rose gold look with a nuder lip and some blush.


You can see the rest of my Collective Haul in my video as these are just my top few!


Adventure Loaded xx


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