Just Bee hydrated all summer

Just Bee the honey water drinks company were so kind to send me a trio of their lovely rehydrating drinks and they were so tasty and fresh!

It’s so important to stay hydrated in this heat and I think these drinks are the perfect way to top up, I took one out to Legoland and it kept me quiet for the day, the taste is incredible and the packaging is soooo cute! The perfect size for an outing I’d say.

Just Bee

Just Bee is a company with a lot of family history and the meaning behind the honey drinks is love and keeping the bees alive. To spread the love they also slip in some flower seeds to encourage bee love!

There are three refreshing flavours in their range, I received the blueberry and also the Lemon and Green Tea but there’s also Apple and Ginger. My personal favourite flavour was the Lemon and Green Tea but the blueberry one was just as yummy! I think the drinks are a great buy for families trying to keep their teeth shiny as they aren’t overpowered by sugar or honey as a lot of drinks are nowadays.

I’ll be dipping into my last carton later one and probably picking up some more over on their cute site which matches the packaging! Go to their site to get some yourself! The links below!

Just Bee Site

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*the just  bee company did sent me the drinks to review but all opinions are my own as usual!*


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