Sound Bath

I experienced the Sound Bath at the Lush Poole Spa and it was intensely calming and it literally rinses your brain, I wouldn’t do it before an exam, I’m warning you now!

In the spa they invite you in to fill out the forms and then lead you into the massage benches where the magic begins! I loved the vibes and the atmosphere and the smell!

They use their signature ‘Inhale & Exhale’ powders to create clouds which are meant to smell like the  ‘Breathe of God’ fragrance. The two work together to induce your masculinity and femininity to balance your body. This complex and distinctive fragrance is the marriage of the light-as-air, fruity ‘Inhale’ and woody, grounded ‘Exhale’, together forming a mysterious and smoky perfume inspired by incense.

Sound Bath.png

The treatment begins with the therapist explaining the tuning forks and ohm forks also, these are the equivalent to doing 1 hour of yoga per vibration which basically means I did so much yoga, more than I’ve done in my whole life, without even moving a muscle. Everyone wins! You are then given a cute wooden box with a little mushroom which is the masculinity and the apple infusion water drink which is the femininity which enhances the balance within. The chocolate was divine.

Then the ear candles came next and these were so relaxing as you can feel the warmth and see the flame and hear the flickering and it is so calming I loved it. I think that this treatment was very relaxing and it really helped balance and calm your body of any stressed. I wouldn’t go again just because it makes you sleepy for the next 3 days and it felt very peculiar but the actual treatment was very unwinding and really put my mind to ease.

Finally after the treatment you are given a drink in a special bowl which is lemon juice with their special droplet syrup mixed with vegan agave honey and finally some mint pure lushness, it was delicious!

Have you been before?

Adventure Loaded x


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