I’ve missed this so much!

Exams, revision the lot. I had to take a break from blogging just to ensure I was focussing on my work and allowing myself to achieve my full potential but I didn’t know I’d miss the sound of the keyboard tapping and the interactions with the commenters and twitter chats!

Blogging is such a big thing now and reading everyone’s blogs weekly or monthly makes me so passionate to get back into things so I am going to be posting on a regular basis starting from the end of June!

Over the next few months I am going to be creating adventures of a lifetime, I have made a rule for myself that I have to leave the house for at least 1 and a half hours every day this summer albeit the shops or a walk down the beach I have to leave the house.

So what am I going to blog about in the coming months? What have I got planned?

First things first, I am going to be blogging about the stress of exams and how I “battled” them or how I would prepare for them next time, exams are such a big thing in life but when it comes down to it they’re so tough to get through and reading any advice online made me feel a little bit better whether it be how to revise or how to survive!!

Next thing on the list is the thing I have been most excited forand that thing is Prom! I am totally over preparing for this event and I want to write down what I did to get the perfect dress and shoes, I haven’t actually found a bag yet but I have one whole month!

Quite close to the excited level of prom is my next amazing trip which is going to be camping on the beach for 5 days with activities like surfing and wakeboarding as well as group activities and beach bonfires! I have never been properly camping and I am literally so ready for this as this is probably the biggest adventure since last August when I went to Greece with my famalan. (I still get Greece blues today) so I really want to go on a long adventure. The first week is then followed by the second which is again camping but this time in teepees and then there is two weeks of project working! Keep your eyes peeled for more details to follow!!

I am so happy to almost reach the end of the tunnel of the school years, I have been ready for the day I leave school for a long time… Exams end on June 23rd which is exactly 27 days including week-ends and half term!! I am over the moon, during school I have found my feet in the world and found my passions and dreams and I am ready to pursue them!

Anyway, this has been a rambly post and a big update and it has painted such a big smile on my face to just be typing again on my blog!

This is the beginning of the next chapter and I hope you come along too!

Adventure loaded x


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