Preparing for Prom

I’ve always been excited for prom since I was little. I’m not a girly girl but I just love an excuse to dress up and look glam, and have a good time (hopefully) I want to take you through where I went and what I found to be good and how to survive the prep for prom without being a MAJOR diva and getting a huge dent in the bank! I will post a few prom related posts and create a mini series of my top tips! Enjoy!

So, I’m going to start with inspiration… what is inspiration? How do you use it well?

I have always thought of prom and imagined myself in a shiny pair of shoes with a glam ring and bracelet but my shoes are not shiny and my rings are quite subtle.

*Top Tip: Be open minded *

I began my preparing for prom with a collection of photos which I liked and what I hoped for. Don’t treat prom as a thing that is compulsory, treat it as an event which is exciting and make sure you enjoy what you do and feel comfortable in what you wear. (it is only one night but you should feel the best that you can and ultimately be comfy )

Images I collected were all from pinterest; I think this is the best source of inspiration it is so easy to use and to look at thousands of ideas. I opted to download all of my inspiration to my phone so that I could refine them when I was free or on a train journey or a sporadic moment where I thought ‘ I cannot go in a gold pair of sandals’ or something like that. By allowing myself to have access to them 24/7 it made my options more open and refined at the same time.

When I began, I thought I would be wearing a light grey strapless chiffon dress but it has changed since then, quite a lot but not drastically. My close friends and I all bounced ideas off of one another, having a second opinion is a good way to ensure you feel confident and happy. BUT remember, at the end of the day it is your choice and if you want to go in a mango coloured dress but they say don’t, be CONFIDENT! Confidence is the best thing you can wear, not only to prom but everyday. Friends are an amazing source of inspiration and can be the best partners in crime when shopping, it is an experience to remember and memories and adventures to cherish forever.

I made folders in my phone with different titles; nails, hair, makeup and shoes so everything was easy to find and to compare with one another. Here’s a collage of some of my prom inspiration!

subtle eye makeup.png

*top tip 2: Keep calm and don’t stress!*

So, in the collage above I have put a few of the things that I looked at for inspiration this board should not be a MUST it should be a guidance and a thing to refer to and check if things match before spending the money on the real thing. Prom can be an expensive experience but it can be made affordable! Overall so far, I think I have spent just over £60 and this includes my dress, earrings and shoes. I am yet to find a clutch and I am going to DIY my corsage because I’ve always wanted to do some floristry without the commitment. (I will post a tutorial on this if everything goes to plan.)

To sum up, inspiration should be a source of things you dream for and hope for but only to be referred to and not a definitive list of things you MUST buy, if you make it into a list of things you MUST buy it will create a lot of work for yourself and probably cost much more than if you shopped around a little. Inspiration is a blessing if you use it in the correct ways but if you make it your list of things to buy and see a photo and MUST be exactly the same it’ll cause much more stress and trouble than you should be going through.

For more prom adventures check back next week where I will be talking about budget!

For now, I’m off to find a clutch bag! (wish me luck)

Adventure loaded xx


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